Optical fibers

Why choose optical fibers

Optimizing communication

Having a fast and reliable internet connection is now more than ever a requirement for a functional everyday life. In today’s time of dynamic digital transformation, it is imperative to provide the possibility of smooth access to broadband networks. Conventional copper cables are unable to adequately cover the ever-increasing needs of the contemporary digital world.

Optical fibers constitute the fastest communication technology, transmitting digital data in the form of light by using GPON or POP technology. They may have a diameter smaller than that of a human hair, but they leave a huge impression on our everyday lives, allowing for the exchange of a much larger volume of data in far less time.


There are countless benefits to using optical fibers, as they change the way in which we communicate, work and entertain ourselves, thus upgrading our quality of life on multiple levels. Thanks to their remarkably high speeds, business sectors such as today’s highly popular Electronic Commerce sector have the opportunity to pursue their unhindered growth, while at the same time the sectors of Tourism, Agriculture, Livestock Farming and Industry can more easily and effectively incorporate new technologies into their operations in order to further grow in new directions.

After all, next-generation networks contribute to the development of new technologies: from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things, to Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D printing. Optical fibers have also contributed greatly to the effectiveness of numerous medical applications, thus serving as a powerful tool that is at the service of our health.

Why choose Geobyte Networks

Trust the experts

Geobyte Networks is your absolute partner when it comes to integrated or personalized solutions in the installation of fiber optic networks, undertaking all kinds of projects, regardless of scale.

We provide a safe cost estimate during the project design phase, and also submit the relevant licensing applications to the urban planning department and municipal authorities. We offer a flexible installation size, careful design of the installation area and worksite, as well as constant supervision by experienced project managers and foremen. By making use of the most modern technology and qualitative materials, we are in a position to secure the return of your investment.

With over 200 employees, engineers, technicians, skilled workers and a fleet of privately-owned equipment, we implement all infrastructure and natural gas supply projects reliably, while faithfully adhering to deadlines and ensuring that our technical excellence is reflected in the result, every time.

In a nutshell

A few of our services:

Land surveying

Geobyte Networks land surveyors ensure maximum surveying accuracy in minimal time.

Network Design – Preparation of Designs

With the use of contemporary design and network management software (CAD, COCON, GIS)


With the most reliable and effective excavation crews and state-of-the-art mechanical equipment


Geobyte Networks guarantees that your project will be completed in the shortest possible time, without delays.

Interior installations

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is now within reach

Communication and planning

Communication matters